Pioneers of Alaska - Anchorage

Men’s Igloo No. 15 Men's Igloo #15
Name Office
Al Clayton President 
Roger Storrs 1st Vice President 
Jerry Smith 2nd Vice President 
Tim Baxter Chaplain
Dave Barnett Historian
N/A Financial Secretary
Carl Berger Corresponding Secretary
Richard Thwaites Recording Secretary
Ken Odsather Treasurer
Chad Resari Sergeant-at-Arms
Ray Lee Inner Guard
Gordon Severson Marshall
N/A (Assistant Inner Guard)
Don Smith 3-year Trustee 
Ed Barber 2-year Trustee 
John Aho 1-year Trustee 
Women’s Igloo No. 4 Women's Igloo #4
Name Office
Diane Pederson President 
Pat Barber 1st Vice President 
Diane Barnett 2nd Vice President 
Susan Baxter  Chaplain
Gerene Tuttle Historian
Shawneen Conover Financial Secretary
N/A Corresponding Secretary
Susan Stepsics Recording Secretary
Carol Storrs Treasurer
Edna Resari Sergeant-at-Arms
Shirley Iverson Inner Guard
N/A Assistant Inner Guard
Dixie Cheshire Marshall
Judy Everard 3-year Trustee 
Gay Odsather 2-year Trustee 
BreAnn Brandlen 1-year Trustee 
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