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In Alaska’s early territorial days, many organizations were formed both for social purposes and to keep alive the memories of Alaska’s early trail blazers.  The Pioneers of Alaska is one of the last of these organizations to remain.  The Anchorage Men’s Igloo No. 15, chartered January 5, 1917, and the Anchorage Women’s Auxiliary No. 4 chartered March 27, 1919, (later becoming Igloo No. 4) are among the oldest established organizations in Anchorage.

The roles of the Pioneers in early Alaska were many. Oftentimes, they would band together to overcome natural disasters, provide much needed and difficult to find medical supplies for the sick or injured, or provide food, housing and medical assistance for those in need.  In fact, in the early days of the Alaska Pioneers the membership application required a physical description to aid in the identification of those who died while on the trail or in a remote cabin.

Today, the Anchorage Pioneer Men’s and Women’s Igloos continue the tradition of keeping alive the memories of old-time Alaskans and work diligently to give back to our community through scholarships, community events, and historical site maintenance.  Whatever direction our activities lead us, we will remember and remind people that history will be lost unless we take the time to save it.

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